Music-making for your mental health


Music-making for your mental health

Music-making for your mental health


The easiest way to make music


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privacy first


Made for complex emotions


Approved by the UK health service


We believe music making can help you manage your mental health

We believe music making can help you manage your mental health

“One of the best mental health apps”

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Out of curiosity I tried this app when looking for something to calm me down when my anxiety gets to much in social situations. Not only by getting my thoughts out into musical form did the app benefit me but it also relieved the pressures around me into keeping my mind occupied. Would recommend to anyone who feels life gets a bit much sometimes.

– Laurie395

No matter what mood I am in, I feel significantly better everytime I create a song using this app. It’s easy, visual, fun and inspiring me to create more intricate music elsewhere.

– Love & Sparkles

Okay so i’m in love with this app. It’s exactly what I need and really helps me to hone in on my emotions and express them in a healthy way.

– tylerthemermaid

Cove helps me return to baseline and calm the raging waters of emotions that I ride all day. I went from hysterically crying, feeling angry and overwhelmed to feeling zen in a matter of minutes creating this little piece of music and journaling about it.

– OcmulgeeRocks

I use this app to help me when I am ruminating on something, especially negative things. I make a little cove song about it and it makes my mind a little light, a little easier to move. I love the minimal, intuitive interface, and it provides an interesting array of sounds to play with.

– Anknoif

Cove helps me relax take a few minutes for myself on creating sounds that I can later hear again. Creating your own therapeutic music and save it in your own library!

- Mer Wk

Cove is trusted by leading
health organisations